FAQ of Lenticular Printing

  • The first diffcult point of 3D lenticular printing
    Lenticular LPI Test
  • The second diffcult point of lenticular printing
    Lenticular effcets image design, color separation, synthesis - The second diffcult point of lenticular printing
    In the 3D(or lenticular) printing process, will encounter three questions:
    1 How to do 3D(or lenticular) figure? There are two ways, with 3D(or lenticular) camera shot, or 3D(or lenticular) design software, such as Lenticular Mobi software ..
    2 How to do lagre photo? 3D(or lenticular) image is seen by a number of angles the merger of the image plane. The more number of images, the effect is more clear, better layering, such as 75-line grating, for 3D(or lenticular) printing Figure 9 required for the 3D(or lenticular) printing (2400 DPI) will need 32 Fig. a huge amount of information that a specific 3D(or lenticular) 3D(or lenticular) photo production software to complete.
    3 How to output large photo ? Larger at least 3G, to get the film company or CTP plate center output, was told that the file is too large, RIP to explain error. How to do? Explain the use of specialized RIP software on it. If the Company's RIP3D 3.0.
  • The third diffcult point of 3D lenticular printing
    3D lenticular lens material and precision of printer
  • The fourth diffcult point of 3D lenticular printing
  • How to begin with my 3d work?
    Many customers ask us a question:
    How to begin with my 3d work?
    1): 3D lenticular software
    2):Plastic lenticular lens
    3): offset machine :offset printing or inkjet printing
    Different ways of printing:
    offset/flatbed/inkjet printing
    4): Laminator/Double-sided adhesive
    It helps you click printed paper on the lenticular sheet,if print directly,no need.
    if have any other questions,pls feel free to contact us.Email:sales@ppoo.com
  • Lenticular Printing Service
    We provide printing service for regula customers & who need.
    How to customize lenticular products?
    3d lenticular / changing image printing business considerations, accurate communication with the sales staff
    Please provide the production requirements of products, sizes, specifications, processes,design, related images, delivery time and other things that need to be accountable
    Details are as follows: 3D Lenticular printing customized:
    A: Customized Information
    When you inquire, please provide the following information to help us give you more reasonable quote:
    1 how many design? quantity/design? Total quantity of order?
    2, final size for each design? (L * W)
    3, what effect? (Three-dimensional effect / changing effect/ zoom/ animation/morph)
    Direction of change is left/right or up/down? Customer orientation (Cheap / Quality priority)
    4, product application intention? (So professional you choose materials, processes, to provide you with more money and more suitable for the production program)
    5, product characteristics requirements, such as: water, back to writing, rounded corners, to punch, to cover the bag, to special packaging, and so on.
    6, other special requirements (such as mounting, adhesive, environmental protection, temperature restrictions, etc.)
    B: Production Time and Payment Methods:
    Samples time: 5-12 days
    Production delivery time: 5-14 days
    Customized MOQ:NO MOQ
    Packing: according to customer requirements
    Payment: Transfer / Cash
    C: Design requested additional information
    1, The file format requirements: JPG, Psd, AI, Tif, Gif, the original file;
    2, Documentation requirements: PSD mode, HD JPG, resolution is not less than 300DPI, in short, the clearer the picture, the better;
    3, Artwork confirmation prompt: the process of cooperation, our company will design artwork back to the customer to
    confirm the color, effect, and then confirm the good artwork printing, according to customer, so the customer needs to be carefully confirmed.
    How to customize lenticular products?
  • Can you make lenticular products for us?