What is Lenticular?

Very simply, lenticular refers to a sheet of plastic lens (that can come in different sizes and thickness) consisting of an array of  optical elements called lenticules that create a convex perspective of multiple images. This technology is used to create a lenticular  image. 

A lenticular is a combination of a special lens and an arrayed image that simulates animation or depth.

How it works?

Step 1

Lenticular interlacing process.

The images are divided into strips and interlaced into a single image.

Step 2

Lenticular plastic over interlaced image.

The interlaced image is printed directly on the back of a lenticular plastic or printed on a stable paper support and then laminated with the plastic.

Step 3

Operation of the plastic.

The lens isolates and amplifies the interlaced image underneath it in such a way that only one original image at a time can be seen. The image changes as it is viewed, depending on the angle of observation.

If the lens array is placed vertically, each eye sees a different image and creates the illusion of a 3D image.