• How to choose lenticular material?
    Many kinds of lenticular material, how to choose?
    You can consider belows:
    Visual angle ;
    Which product do you want to make?
    Future size of your lenticular products;
    Where do you put?for example: hold in the hand, or hang on the wall;
    What effect do you want to design? 3D or flip or other effects?
    What is your observation distance ? 0.5m? Or 1m? Or others?
    What is your printing machine? offset printing press or inkjet printer or UV flatbed printer?
  • How can I get lenticular samples?
    How can I get samples?
    Many friends want to get some lenticular printing samples or lenticular material samples to check and test.
    Every Day, we need to send a lot of samples out, So we had to take the sample fee and freight prepaid.(samples fee will returned in your order)
    Specifically, shipping cost based on your country and Quantity and Volume & Weight of the samples, I only support freight prepaid, usually need you pay 80-300usd,
    We only support TNT/Fedex/DHL/UPS/EMS express. about 2-5days arrived,Door to Door.
    If you have friends in China, you can also call them for help , will save a lot of shipping costs. You can tell them following information
    邮箱 sales@ppoo.com
    QQ 103431433
    电话 0086-15112677771
    When you read above, please contact customer service. Email: sales@ppoo.com
  • why lenticular board? lenticular lens?lenticular sheet?
    Why lenticular board? lenticular lens?lenticular sheet?
    In the life, why some call lenticular plate, some called lenticular board, some called lenticular film,some called lenticular lens,some called lenticular sheet? all that is just a habit name for personal.
    In fact, All we can lenticular or lenticular sheet.
    Thickness more than 1mm,called Lenticular plate/lenticular board ,usually used for inkjet printer and UV flatbed printer.
    Thickness less than 1mm, called lenticular lens,usually used for offset printer.
  • What effects can lenticular do?
    lenticular material is for lenticular printing products.
    its effects can 3d,depth,zoom in,zoom out,flip, animation,morphing,movement,animation,etc.(lenticular effect,lenticular 3d,lenticular flip,lenticular animation,lenticular morphing,lenticular zooming effects)
  • What is difference between lenticular plate,lenticular board and lenticular lens?
    What is difference between lenticular plate,lenticular board and lenticular lens?
    Usually,if Thickness of lenticular<1mm, we called lenticular lens;
    if Thickness of lenticular≥1mm, we called lenticular board or lenticular plate.Lenticular Plate/board
    Usually ,from 10 LPI to 60LPI
    Lenticular plate for inkjet printer or uv flatbed printer
    Standard Size:120*240cm \ 2*3m size
    Effect: can be 3d and flip.for large format 3d /flip lenticular products.
    Lenticular Lens
    Thin Lenticular lens for offset printer
    Usually ,from 60LPI to 200LPI,Standard Size:50*70cm/60*80cm size,large size for offset is H70*W100cm
    Effect: can be 3D and Flip/ZOOM/MORPH,Animation,etc.
    for small size 3d /flip poster.cards,postcards, pictures. book cover,ect.
  • What is lenticular technology?
    Lenticular printing combines two main elements: a special plastic sheet and an interlaced image that is processed in a specific way.
  • What is LPI?
    line per inch.
  • What is DPI?
    dot per inch.

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