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The advantages about PSDTO3D101 lenticular software
2012-08-01 12:55:42

The advantages about PSDTO3D101 lenticular software

Easy to use book printing software and lenticular 3d software design 3d flip software

PSDTO3D101 software has five competitive advantages:

1,All english,easy to operate,cheaper price,(you can compare with other 3d software).and we will offer you a teach training.
2,high definition of 3d picture.The frames can reach 999, running speed is very fast, memory is more optimized.
3,can make big size photos,suppoted ink-jet printing and Offset printing.Output gif and anaglyph, it is convenient for clients to see the effect.
4,Suported technology of original versions software,the market share is reached 95%.and surport any computer systems.
5,There has something new fuctions,like drawline,save your time to make 3d images.

The detail about PSDTO3D101 software:

1. On the interface of official PSDTO3D software has the copyrigt No of this software. we can make official contract of guarantee, make sure that you are not infringed by pirated version

2.This psdto3d101 photo design software is easy to operate, we provide detail english tutorials and demo video after you buy, these will guide you to operate the software smoothly ,it suits 3d art photo design, 3d indian god photo design, 3d card design, 3d print, large 3d photo printing

3,by using this PSDTO3D101 lenticular software, you can make high quality 3d lenticular printing products, like 3d potrait, 3d gods print, 3d lenticular card, lenticular insert, lenticular poster, 3d poster, 3d lenticular promotional products, lenticular product, lenticular photo, 3d photograph, 3d decoration, lenticular printed product, 3d business card, 3d billboard, lenticular board

4.we are the authoritative developer of this PSDTO3D software, like PSDTO3D99 software, FLIP software, PSDTO3D101 software




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