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Technical Director of the four original exclusive technology
2013-08-14 21:53:31

Technical Director Mr. Hongmin Guo original monochrome dot 360 lenticular technology,3d lenticular technology cycle, in which spherical 3d lenticular technology, the leading international full-color dot fly eye 3d lenticular technology, high-precision, ultra-depth, never dazzling, has been successfully applied to a 3D package, 3D advertising and other products.

360 monochrome dot lenticular technology are as follows:

  dot lens 3d  lenticular technology

3D Lenticular cycle technology is as follows:

 3D Lenticular cycle technology

Spherical 3D Lenticular technology is as follows:

 Spherical 3D Lenticular technology

Full-color dot lens 3D lenticular technology are as follows:

 Full-color dot fly eye lens 3D lenticular technology

Another of the Company may provide part of the relevant software technologies and materials.

PS: the famous 3d lenticular picture by the 3d lenticular printing psdto3d series software industry senior Mr.Hongmin Guo independently developed.

For more information,pls visit www.lenticular.mobi or send an email to ok3d@lenticular.mobi



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