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3d products market analysis
2013-04-02 00:14:43

3d products market analysis

3D painting - new industries

3D paintings, epoch-making revolutionary products

New magic mode

A computer can startup, can open a shop, factory, but a home business, no inventory, no money pressure, one thousand RMB started, easy money, magical images, makes the selling point one step ahead of their peers, making profits.

Super hot products

Glasses-free 3d painting series products, all is unique, elegant unsurpassed, everybody like it, watch it and you want to buy, buy also want to buy, the unique product can be customized as required and can be directly sales gm products, companies cannot be competitive!

Reasonable price flock to buy

Unique glasses-free 3d picture of product, as a high-tech products, the price should be medium to high, but in order to quickly occupy the market, considering the characteristic of the national consumption, most of the god of painting products prices are just 10-200 RMB between, also has a 200-1000 RMB between the high-end products, to meet all customer needs, make the customer value, big day!

Complete category sales

Glasses-free 3d picture has ten series of products covering gifts, advertising, decoration series, video series, a series of tourism memorial, etc., involving household adornment, studio art, advertising posters, booth fascia board, paint, wedding photos, desk calendar, high simulation paintings etc. Co can be management, brand is full of beautiful things in eyes.

Make solid marketing

Open hole 3d picture from the experience marketing, affiliate marketing, display marketing, interactive marketing, affiliate marketing, customized marketing, advertising and marketing, such as 3D model, quickly open the market, make the profits roll and turn!

Starting lineup first impressions are most lasting

Glasses-free 3d painting due to adopt new technology of digital production, which in other studio, decoration, gifts are unprecedented, is completely blank market, launched easily collapse scattered and pointless competition from market, to become the local 3d painting make overlord!

Differentiation advantage investment gold project

The core technology, monopoly business, competitors can't copy

Glasses-free 3d picture to put forward the concept of the national first, the "naked eye 3d painting" technology is the original, only this one across the country, to form the monopoly of the huge business opportunities and wealth appreciation space is limited. Original technology is our most high confidential, for competitors to copy, difficult.

Simple operation, standard routing operation, easy to learn, easy to grasp

As long as according to the company's training, according to the specification of the machine operating procedures, can create a high standard of high quality open hole 3d picture, simple program, everyone can operation, especially suitable for inexperienced people invest in startups.

Less investment, only need one thousand RMB, investment during the month, the month income

2-3 people only need one thousand RMB, but operation, minimum covers an area of 50 square meters, 7 days or so can be opened, investment during the month, the month to be effective. Especially suitable for laid-off workers, veterans, college students' entrepreneurship and investors investment company.

Flexible management, comprehensive marketing system

Use of supermarkets, shopping malls, counters, shops, boutiques, etc to sell goods on a commission basis or with the hotel, hotels, restaurants and other units of ordering production, convenient operation and a variety of sales channels full exploit market, and raise money.



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