3d software psdto3d

It can convert the ordinary image to the attractive 3d image.
There are some trait about it:

1. By moving psd file on level to make 3d image.
2. Drawing the path on the single layer can chang to 3d image.
3. 3d images and 2d images could be mixed together for making a new image.
4. Support the large image in-outputting.The outputing file can reach to 40GB,the sum of angle can reach to 99.
5. We can adjust the outputting size and DPI,compress on vertical.
6. The parameter is optimized,we can save compelete,amend convenient.
7. Simplify the whole preview button,we need't to preview every drawing layer prior.
8. Supports to piece many 3d images together,the median lines auto be in order.
9. Supports VISTA.
10. Supports the CMYK ,and the PSD outputing.When we make 3d printing image, the color format does't need to alter.




PreView 3D Animation
Red\Blue Glasses Preview 
Export Gif
Open settings file
Save settings file

Import PSD file。support the psd file of RGBCMYK fomat,the psd file don't contain mask layer and locked layer.
tiff lenticular image
preview the whole 3d animation effort
See the whole 3d effort by red/bule glasses
gif image
Open the file which was completed and saved last time(
tw3d format )
Qiut software


  Begin draw line
Delete line
Delete layer
Delete Al

Start draw line
Remove the operation which was drawed last time Ctrl +Z.
Delete the line
Delete all the line in a layer
Delete all the line in all layers




Zoom in
Zoom out
Show work folder

Zoom in the images
Zoom out the images
show the work file。

Help file
The software message
Go to our company's website


Introduce Toolbar

1.      toolbar:

2.the function of the button:

----Open a psd file,the same as 【File--Import*.psd

---Zoom in

----Zoom out

----Delete the segment of a line

----Delete the line

----Delete all the line in a layer

----Delete all the line in all layers

----Preview the whole 3d animation effort

----Stop to preview

----Export tiff lenticular image

----Start drawe line

----See the whole 3d effort by red/bule glasses


Introduce Parameter Plate

1.      at the left iamge,the nubmer 1----10 show that there were 10 layers in the psd flie

2.      there are tow "A" in the 4th and 5th layer,that is saying the 4th and 5th layer was linked in the psd file,these tow layers is'n be drawed line,they will appear alternate.

3.      there have “+”show this layer was drawed line.

4.      the nubmer "0" of the shift parameter plate“Offset”,it shows this layer will not protrude,the negative shows the layer will protrude,the positive number shows the layer will concave,when the psd file was imported,the parameter will be showed by system,user can amend by yourself.

5.      the "6<F>" at the left image,it expresses this layer is focus layer.The focus layer will not shift,the parameter can be setted in "【3D Sets--Layer 0】".                   





LPIlines per inch in the lenticular.The wide line of the lenticualr is 9 lines per inch at present,the thin is 162 lines per inch.The precision of lines number is at least accurate to 4 behind radix point.For example 75.5655.

Angles:The number of lens. numerical range is between 299.

Layer 0:The sequence number of focus layers.Whe we preview the 3d layer in animation,this layer will not change the displacement.The numbe in the input field express the layer number which is setting currently.                                                                                                                             

Depth:The zoom in multiple of depth,example chang "1" to "1.5",it means zoom out the depth to a half.If change "1" to "3",it means zoom in the depth three times.

Output Sets
:The dpi of output.For example 2400 or 2540.

Width:The width of output.

Height:The height of output.

H Scale:Compress the precision of image vertical."2" means 2 times.


6.      At the down left image,the number "1"----"15" show there are 15 draw line layers,which was set.

7.      The left image shows it can start drawe line."Depth" means zoom in the times of the layer,which show the quantity of displacement on level.Numerical range is between 0.1~999.

Order:Show the layer which we are drawing,"1" means the distance is near to us,"15" means the distance is far from us.We are supposed to estimate the every drawing lines by our space sense.

   View:If there are too many drawing lines in the different layers to discriminate,we can click "" which is behind the layer number.

  Back:It is the background layer.

Depth:The zoom in multiple of depth,example chang "1" to "1.5",it means zoom out the depth to a half.If change "1" to "3",it means zoom in the depth three times.

   Smooth:Regulate smooth of the fold line.The left numerical value is 0,the right is great.


   Preview:Preview the single layer.  

   Stop:Stop preview.