40 LPI 3d lenticular lens sheet materials

40LPI 3d lenticular lens sheet material

40LPI 0.8mmthickness plastic 3d lenticular lens
Material: PET plastic lens
SIZE: W50*H70CM/W70*H50CM/W60*H80CM/W80*H60CM
PACKING:cardboard packing
PRINTED BY:OFFSET PRINTER/UV flatbed printer/inkjet printer    

40lpi have 0.8mm thickness PET material.

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Lenticular lens sheet:3d lenticular board and lenticular sheet.

Lenticular board:10LPI,12LPI,15LPI,16LPI,18LPI,20LPI,22LPI,24LPI,25LPI,30LPI,32LPI,40LPI,42LPI,50LPI,53LPI,60LPI,62LPI,64LPI
Lenticular sheets:40LPI,40LPI,59LPI,60LPI,70LPI,75LPI,80LPI,85LPI,90LPI,100LPI,140LPI.140LPI,161LPI,200LPI

Lenticular lens sheet pricelist: http://www.ppoo.com/lenticular-price.pdf

Navigation:40LPI-it is very popular lenticular sheet in the world.3d/flip/animation/zoom/moprh effects products by OFFSET PRINTER/UV flatbed printer/inkjet printer    .

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