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40LPI lenticular for strong 3d effects

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  • 40lpi 3d lenticular board

Product Abstract:

40LPI lenticular for strong 3d effects-3d sheet-40LPI-40LPI best18528

Product Description


40LPI lenticular for strong 3d effects

We make all lenticular,and we only make lenticular,we are professional in lenticular.LenticularMobi770891

Lenticular Sheets information like Material/LPI/Thickness/Standard Size/Weight/Packing pallet/MOQ/Viewing Angel/Effects For/Printer/Software/Price/Unit, 

Please check: http://www.ppoo.com/lenticular-price.pdf
If any other question,please email to 3d@lenticular.mobi

40LPI lenticular for strong 3d effects
40LPI 3d Lenticular Lens Sheet Material/40LPI Lenticular Sheets
40lpi 2mm Thickness Plastic 3d Lenticular Lens
Viewing Angel:40degree
Packing:Wooden Packing
Effects:Best for 3d
Printed By:Inkjet/Uv Flatbed Printer
Quality:High quality&Green&Safe
High Quality Lenticular Lens Sheet
40lpi Plastic Lenticular Lens Sheet, Best For Strong 3d Effects Small Format Posters.




PET thin lenticular sheets factory production line

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40LPI lenticular for strong 3d effects

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40LPI lenticular for strong 3d effects



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