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10LPI Lenticular plate 2flip effects

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Product Abstract:

10LPI Lenticular plate 2flip effects-Lenticular image-Lenticular plate-nticular board79000

Product Description


10LPI Lenticular plate 2flip effects

We make all lenticular,and we only make lenticular,we are professional in lenticular.LenticularMobi290168

Lenticular Sheets information like Material/LPI/Thickness/Standard Size/Weight/Packing pallet/MOQ/Viewing Angel/Effects For/Printer/Software/Price/Unit, 

Please check: http://www.ppoo.com/lenticular-price.pdf
If any other question,please email to 3d@lenticular.mobi

10LPI Lenticular plate 2flip effects
10LPI lenticular sheets

10LPI for large format flip effects

Base Resin Material :PS
Gauge (Thickness): 3.25mm       
Standard Sheet Sizes: 1200*2400 mm (customized size is acceptable for big qty.)
Direction of lenticulars://2400
Viewing Angle :50°
Standard Pack (sheets per pallet):100
Packing Measurement:1240*2460*580mm
Gross Weight/Net Weight:568/490KG
MQ:(sheet) 100
20' container (FCL qty) : 400 
40' container (FCL qty) : 800

This sheet material has wider viewing range. It is high impact resistance, UV resistance.

It has been specially designed for outdoor big billboard, signboard, big shop displays. 

The suitable graphic effects: flip, animation, morph, zoom, etc.



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10LPI Lenticular plate 2flip effects

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10LPI Lenticular plate 2flip effects



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